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SND logoWelcome to a special website designed to support experienced practitioners who are committed to influencing public discourse on the future of K-12 education in the United States.  As leading educators you recognize that you must combine knowledge accumulated through years of successful experience with understanding of the facts, as well as the values and feelings held by the American public in order to resolve long-standing conflicts and craft effective solutions for students today and in the future.  Emboldened voices of your colleagues have already started to reshape the conversation by examining and responding to predicted societal disruptions, affirming beliefs, and outlining required action.

There has never been a more urgent need for education leaders to gather together, share their hard-won insights and formulate new solutions to the many challenges we face. The Superintendents’ National Dialogue includes nearly 400 men and women who believe that dynamic change will happen only when we make it happen. This website is designed to support the collective work and wisdom of these remarkable individuals.  Here, we provide tools  intended to support the development of vision, pursuit of action and commitment of talent and resources to the ongoing nature of this important work.

Please use the Superintendents’ National Dialogue as your forum to share  experience, craft innovative solutions and  accomplish dynamic change for your school system.  Thank you for your dedication, talent and time.


Joseph Scherer,  Ph.D.

Executive Director
Superintendents’ National Dialogue

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