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The Split Screen Strategy – Book

The Split Screen Strategy Feature Image

The Split Screen Strategy Cover ImageI recently read the new book by Ted Kolderie, The Split Screen Strategy: Improvement + Innovation. Several things struck me.

In this book, Kolderie creates a framework to support a reasoned dialogue that is not only refreshing, but also has the potential to move us from an unproductive focus on people and events to a focus on ideas –  and we need more ideas.

He advocates for a realistic approach that focuses on improving the current educational system while at the same time creating space for innovation within the system. This is exactly what we need.

The perspective that Kolderie successfully articulates is consistent with what I have heard in my own recent interactions with many superintendents and other educational leaders throughout the country.

Finally, he observes that many charter schools have lost their way and no longer serve as incubators of innovation. I had not recognized this because I had over generalized my view of charters. Upon reflection, this makes perfect sense. It is essential for charter schools to return to serving as innovators.

I recommend this book to anyone concerned with improving the educational system in the United States. It is available for free download in PDF format from

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