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America’s Most Financially Disadvantaged School Districts – Report

America's Most Financially Disadvantaged School Districts and How They Got That Way

Last month, the Center for American Progress released America’s Most Financially Disadvantaged School Districts and How They Got that Way. This report identifies school districts with “greater-than-average student needs and less-than-average state and local revenue” by examining data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau Fiscal Survey.  Data analysis reveals that poorly funded local public school districts exist even in states […]

New York State’s Extreme School Segregation – Report

New York State Regions map

The Civil Rights Project recently published New York State’s Extreme School Segregation: Inequality, Inaction and a Damaged Future. This report synthesizes more than 60 years of research on school desegregation. The authors argue that “real integration” is a vital goal to pursue in a growing multiracial society. Even if equality can be reached between racially isolated […]

The Poverty and Inequality Report 2014

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality recently issued its first annual Report Card on Poverty and Inequality. This report  includes expert analysis on seven domains: labor markets, poverty, the safety net, income inequality, wealth inequality, health inequality and education. It provides key data at both the state and national levels on efforts to reduce […]

CNBC Video Interview on Education Gap

M. Night Shyamalan CNBC Interview feature image

This is a interesting 10 minute in large part because this young man  makes a salient argument for the fact that there is no one intervention that will close the achievement gap but rather it is the combination of multiple interventions that results in success.  This is the same thing we found when we analyzed […]

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