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The Case for Growth


The typical array of statistics on student achievement can be discouraging – low graduation rates, significant numbers of kids growing up in generational poverty, and double digit percentages of students failing to achieve critical benchmarks in reading and math, the gateway subjects that unlock upper level learning. There is another, more nuanced narrative to be […]

Book: Every Child, Every Day by Mark Edwards

Every Child Every Day feature image

In his new book, Every Child, Every Day: A Digital Conversion Model for Student Achievement, Mark Edwards, 2013 Superintendent of the Year, describes how the Mooresville, N.C. Graded School District implemented a  program that provided every student and teacher with a laptop computer, transformed the learning environment and improved student achievement in a cost effective way. […]

Book: Urban School Leadership by Tom Payzant

Boston Latin School photo

Former Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tom Payzant shares stories of real school leaders and his first-hand knowledge of the unique managerial, instructional, and political tasks associated with public school administration. This book combines practical lessons and research with thoughtful analysis of various leadership concerns. Payzant addresses topics including: improving student achievement, building community, and developing resources.

The Magic of Dialogue

The Superintendents’ National Dialogue seeks to promote dialogue on issues relevant to the future of public education in the United States. We observe Daniel Yankelovich’s definition of dialogue as, “a discussion that includes three essential elements: 1) equality and the absence of coercive influences 2) listening with empathy and 3) bringing assumptions into the open […]

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