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CNBC Video Interview on Education Gap

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This is a interesting 10 minute in large part because this young man  makes a salient argument for the fact that there is no one intervention that will close the achievement gap but rather it is the combination of multiple interventions that results in success.  This is the same thing we found when we analyzed the research on teacher retention when I was with the District Management Council – retention increased when the district engaged in at least three interventions like a strong induction phase, mentoring, time to collaborate with colleagues etc.  Too often we fail because we pick one thing and think that is the answer and when that doesn’t work we keep searching for the next thing.

CNBC Interview on Closing Education Gap


Book: Every Child, Every Day by Mark Edwards

Every Child Every Day feature image

Every Child, Every Day cover imageIn his new book, Every Child, Every Day: A Digital Conversion Model for Student Achievement, Mark Edwards, 2013 Superintendent of the Year, describes how the Mooresville, N.C. Graded School District implemented a  program that provided every student and teacher with a laptop computer, transformed the learning environment and improved student achievement in a cost effective way.  The book examines the factors that contributed to Mooresville’s success:  developing a culture of caring, incorporating digital resources effectively, focusing on data persistently, encouraging leadership at all levels and adopting a student-centered approach to learning. It also provides step-by-step guidance for other school administrators who wish to improve student achievement through digital conversion.

Book: Urban School Leadership by Tom Payzant

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Urban School Leadership cover imageFormer Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tom Payzant shares stories of real school leaders and his first-hand knowledge of the unique managerial, instructional, and political tasks associated with public school administration. This book combines practical lessons and research with thoughtful analysis of various leadership concerns. Payzant addresses topics including: improving student achievement, building community, and developing resources.

Vision Missouri

Vision Missouri report cover imageThis report lays out a vision for the future of public education in Missouri. Developed through the joint effort of the Missouri School Boards’ Association and the Missouri Association of School Administrators, it was published in 2011. This project represents the first time that these groups have collaborated to generate a comprehensive vision to guide transformation of public education in the state.

Download (PDF)


NextEd report cover imageNextEd – Transforming Public Education in Connecticut. In 2011, The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) published this report with recommendations for transforming public education that emerged out of a 2-year Educational Transformation Project involving a Core Group of public school administrators and university professors. Visit for full details.

Download Executive Summary (PDF)

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